About Us

Al Lamssa
Lamssa clinic was established in the year 2001 to cater to the needs of skin health. It is our objective to give the best care to the needs of the society to discover the beauty of skin health. Our patient re cords have shown a very steady and healthy increase purely on the premise of results and safety.

To compliment our philosophy we have services such as laser for hair removal, fillers (stylage, sculptra), hair transplantation, mesotherapy, weight management, botox,fractional laser for treatment of scars, acne, facial rejuvenation,, v beam for treatment of blood vessels, carboxy therapy for treatment of dark circles around eyes, body sculpting, micro dermabrasion, blue peel, photo dynamic therapy, treatment of hair by laser revage, plasma technology, stem cell procedures, neck treatment by rafcell , scarlet lasers , dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental implantology among others.

We have today a team of top notch doctors in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, plastic surgery and dentistry who are well trained and meet international standards. More moderate, less expensive, not requiring social seclusion, cosmetic medicine is a compliment, indeed in most cases an alternative to surgery. This discipline is practiced by our doctors, who have an artistic sense and work in a multidisciplinary team.

Our training/workshops are conducted by experts and international doctors at our center to upgrade new techniques. This is an ongoing feature at our center. Our doctors are committed to never taking risks. We practice in a multidisciplinary team and work in center well equipped with state-of-art equipments, keep updated and use the latest technological development. Our doctors and para-medics are well trained with a perfect knowledge of skin anatomy, allergic reactions and most importantly an essential quality which is a genuine artistic sense.

It is our mission to provide dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and dermatology services easy and more affordable for all. To be at the forefront of new development through a committed to continued advancement, upgrading with the latest technologies in the fields of anti-aging, dentistry. To be an organization that lives by its ethics and values. We are committed to international quality, standards and specifications, unstrained development and innovative services and products. Honesty, team spirit and respect to societal tradition are of utmost importance to us. We also aim to provide with better lifestyle through our social responsibility endeavors.

We want it to be a great generation. Al lamssa expects no less!

In all mediums, whether you are chatting with our staff members, browsing our website, face book or tweeting our social media team, we aim to deliver an informative and friendly service at all times.

The team at allamssa promises you five key elements of customer charter that you can expect at all times.
  1. Safety first - We never compromise. Your safety and security is our #1 priority.
  2. On your side - We see it from your point of view. We don’t assume that we know best and we make decisions with you in mind.
  3. A big smile - Friendly service is our passion. You can expect friendly, helpful and knowledgeable services from our staff members.
  4. Make it easy - At every step We will make sure you know what to expect at every step of your treatment.
  5. Open and upfront - We will always be straight with you. We will always be truthful and will keep you informed at all times.