Botox: whatever you want to know about Botox:
The Botox toxin of type A (Botox Dysport is the first formula for Botulinum toxin which is allowed to be used on the area of cosmetics whereas it is a protein derivative of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum amongst the seven types of Botulinum toxins available whereas there are only two types available for use A and B. The Botulinum of type B (Neurobloc, Myobloc) operates in a way which is different than the Botox. Therefore it is possible to use the myobloc for the person who does not get any result from using the Botox. Also please note that the results of the myobloc last for a shorter period of time compared to the period given by the Botox. Whatsoever the quantities used of the Botulinum of the types from C to G are still under study for normal use.

The Botox is still in use since 20 year in the treatment of medical cases particularly Myositis Systole of the eye muscle, but it is worth to mention that the quantity used in cosmetic care is less than the quantity used for the treatment of medical problems; therefore we have to respect the precautions of precise use.
Also we can choose between Botox and the different types of fillers such as the collagen (Zeblast, Cosmoblast, Restallene), Burlan or Articol. The Botox does not fill the injected area for giving it more size, but it works in an effective way for producing a temporary relaxation for the muscles that cause wrinkles but the fillers operate to fill wrinkles. Explaining this difference is very important so that we may know that, the Botox does not substitute or replace the fillers or vice versa.
Moreover, some modern studies have shown that the use of Botox besides the fillers such as collagen and Hyaluronic acid can prolong the effect of the filler and course this very logical whereas the prevention of the muscle from contraction would allow the fillers to remain fixed on its place for a longer time.

What do you expect form Botox?
Often the patients visit Cosmetologists determined to remove some wrinkles and to them to understand the reason behind it, as well as for facial sagging, but before it has to be clarified and classification of the wrinkles is to be done i.e. they are either static wrinkles or Kinetic wrinkles (dynamic). Wrinkles begin to appear in the area around the eyes and forehead lines.

1.The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles:
  • Aging
  • Damage caused by exposure to the sun
  • A gradual decline in the amount of collagen and Elastin in the skin (Age Atrophy)
  • Kinetics of the facial muscles (expression lines)
Doctors target the treatment using selective cosmetic neurological toxins such as Botox, which rely mainly on protein selectively at some point to meet between nerve cells and muscles. This technique is an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the areas of motor frowning eyebrows, forehead and around the eyes, done within an interval of four to six months.

2. What is Botox?
The Botolinum Toxin Type A is a protein derived from the bacterium dubbed Claustrederm Buthelinyum. Seven existing types are permitted for use in the field of cosmetics. Botox was first used 20 years ago in the treatment of many medical conditions, especially in cases of muscular contraction. It was later discovered about Botox’s effectiveness to erase wrinkles. But it should be noted that the amount used in cosmetic care is much lower than those used to treat medical problems so we must respect the provisions of accurate use.

3 . Where can it be injected?
Botox can be injected where wrinkles are seen or visible, at the top and bottom of the face, eye contour, the top of the nose, chin, and neck but never to be injected in the center of the face as it only cause difficulty in speech and smile. Botox is also used in the treatment of Hyperhidrosis of the hands and armpits, to stop sweating for a period of almost a year.

4 . What is the difference between Botox and (fillers)?
Botox does not work on the filler injected area to give it more volume, but it works in an effective manner relax the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles. It should be noted that Botox does not replace Fillers or vice versa. Recent studies have shown that the use of Botox such as collagen and Hyluronic acid can prolong the effect and seems very logical in preventing muscle contraction which will allow Fillers in place for a longer period.

5 . When should I start using Botox injections and are there any side effects?
Botox reduces the severity of facial wrinkles and can, if we want, be used to raise the eyebrows to give a more youthful look. But one of the most important characteristics of Botox is its ability to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. This product can be used from the age of seven years; it has not recorded any case of poisoning. But improper injecting by a non experienced person may result in drop of eyelids or change in outlooks of the patient.