Which is the unique formulation which cures the acne whereas it depends on benzyl hydroxide 5% by its liquid composition a thing which assists its deep penetration inside the skin so as to reach to the germs that cause acne bacteria i.e. the excessive secretions of fats and sebum, closing and closure of the skin pores, the inflammation, redness and the irritation of the face skin.

1.) The therapeutical system is composed of three compounds:
The foaming cleanser daily care, which is composed of two basic elements i.e. mannitol and salicylic acid 2% to be used for curing the excessive secretion of fat and for removal of the dead skin cells and fat lipoids, also it will mitigate the irritation and inflammation.

Obagi program is an easy and effective one and most importantly it operates under the supervision of the physician specialized in returning the skin to its beauty and glamour, this requires time and diligence.

These products are deemed to be the biggest scientific achievement on the skin medicine because it is unique and it takes care in returning the skin's functions to its nature, it corrects and activates the skin. It represents a sports program for the skin which could be custom tailored with each person as per the type of his/her skin (light, thick, sensitive, normal, tightened, or sagging and droopiness). This sportive program which is a curative to the skin, would slowly enable (Gradual Method) and it lightly operate (Normal Program) by a moderate way or by a strong way (Concentrated program).

2.) Irritation and Inflammation of the Skin
The pore therapy assists in opening the pores in order to make the skin ready for absorbing the primary substance which target fighting the acne bacteria and germs from inside and removes the sediments from the pores and it also assists on opening and removing the fat layers and the accumulated dead cells.

3.) Serum Gel
It is a strong compound which is transformable to liquid when it touches the skin, this liquid is Hydroxide Benizol 5% which cures the acne bacterial deeply and kills the bacteria causing the same, whereas it mitigates the aggravation of its problem. Also it cures and repairs marks as well as the acne and it improves the appearance of the skin by penetrating quickly inside the skin through the open pores.