Elastederm Gel and the Eye Cream

It is a special remedy the area around the eye and it leads.
  • To support the collagen and the elastin
  • Makes the skin tenacious, united in solidarity and consistent, tied and bound
  • It corrects the tinctures and the black rings and circles
  • Assist on renewing the superficial cells of the skin by means of the Malonic Acid
  • Eliminates and wipes out the light lines (wrinkles) and skin shriveling beneath the eye
  • Increases the skin flexibility
  • Gives noticeable result within a few weeks
  • It is available on the day gel and the evening cream as well

Combination of Décolletage system of Two Basic Compounds
The skin brightening compound

  • It reduces and decreases the collation tincture as well as the pale, dim and black spots and stains
  • It contains hydroquinone 4% which controls the excessive production of melanin and it unifies the coloration of the skin.
Skin Shriveling and Wrinkles Decreasing Solution
  • Assists in restoration of the skin flexibility, tenacity and its solidarity.
  • Mitigates and decrease skin shriveling and wrinkles as well as the simple lines.
  • Revitalizes the skin cells and increases the production of collagen.