STYLAGE: Filler Materials Used in Cosmetics (Fillers)

The technical innovation of injecting fillers under the skin made a real revolution in the world of Esthetics, with its many varied uses. Fillers containing Hyaluronic acid i.e.

STYLAGE is the preferred choice because of its features:

  1. STYLAGE is a 3rd Generation Filler using the latest IPN Technology.
  2. STYLAGE is easily injected; reducing pain and time. With newly added Lidocaine it becomes even more convenient to the patient. It also has Mannitol an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals causing rapid degradation and hence remains longer with increased results.
  3. It is characterized as an absolutely effective product of new generation. When injected into the skin it gives a landscape devoid of conglomerates and supports the tissues and structures of the skin that have lost size and flexibility as a result of aging.
  4. Works on water conservation skin and improves its appearance; skin becomes soft and with more freshness and vitality.
  5. Side effects are non-existent: Amino Glycan is naturally acceptable by the body, so when injected the body accepts it without getting the interaction of foreign body around or abscesses or infections, and this is what makes STYLAGE a filler of exceeding quality
  • To get rid of unwanted lines that give the appearance to Naso-Labial lines around the nose  and the mouth.
  • Eliminate all kinds of wrinkles (Fore head, around the eye, top of the nose, etc.)
  • To give the desired volume and shape to the lips.
  • To give the volume or shape to the cheeks; Cheek Augmentation.
  • Get rid of Cheek Depression or depression close to ears.
  • Conduct face-lift and re-shaping according to the natural surroundings.
  • To raise eyebrows slightly as desirable.
  • Rhinoplasty especially with the winding surface
  • Remove dark circles around the eye to ease the existing under the eye depression.
  • improve the appearance of the chin to suit your face shape
Hands: Fillers are injected into the hands to remove lines and signs of aging. It is worth mentioning that the results are immediate and long lasting, right from the moment of injection, and gets increasingly beautiful after two weeks.