Fractional Laser

The Fractional Laser in deemed to be an advanced technology for using and applying to the skin and for renewing the skin. This technology has been accomplished by a scientific research team at Harvard American University. This technology is distinguished with efficiency and effectiveness avoiding the side effects that might result from the laser application of energy and the long convalescence concurrent to it.

The Fractional technology operates:
through a unique method represented into the formation of groups of the thermal light microscopic columns which reach up to the deeper areas in the skin which h in turns leads  to perform an induction process which leads to reformation of induction process which in its turn leads to reformation of the superficial and the deep skin layers in a safe and effective manner in this way we can get rid of the skin layer, scars and effects of old age that is besides the advantage of the reformation of the college on the long run.

Advantages of Fractional Technology
The fractional technology has obtained the American FDA Certificate that is whereas studies and the high degree of safety of this way and its suitability for types of the light and the dark skin and for the treatment of the tender skin regions such as the neck, cheats and two hands also its application does not need general anesthetization or narcotization.

Efficiency of the system
  • Treatment of the sings of old age
  • Remedy and tightening the skin
  • Treatment of big pores
  • Removal of shriveling and wrinkles
  • Remedy of the scars and signs of acne

Advantages of this Technology
  • The technology has not side effect
  • The patient can wash his face directly after the session because there will be no harm.
  • This technology would activate the collagen and it would restore the skin health and brightness of the skin and as well it will give a more attractive shape and look.
Sagging of skin appears with age leaving behind superficial and deep wrinkles. The only cause is the deficiency in the secretion of collagen, which is the important element in maintaining and tightening of the skin. Our world is evolving and is developing techniques and devices to effectively eliminate aging of the skin and hide wrinkles without any surgical exposure or the risk of anesthesia, Two of these devices are very effective in treating this problem:

Scarlett – Fractional Microneedle RF Technology
Scarlet Fractional Laser enables various thermal effects on and in the skin through specially designed Micro-Needle Radio Frequency. It ensures perfect result. Less pain, less down time and no side effects.
It uses Radio frequency or Radio rays and delivers to the skin layers through minute needles, aiming to activate and stimulate collagen in the skin, improves Elastin, and thus gives a tight and cohesive skin without any side effects.

Among indications are:
  • Aging Skin (Lifting, Elasticity, Firmness, anti-wrinkle)
  • Pore Size
  • Scar Treatment (Acne scar, normal scars, Keloid)
  • Acne, Bum Skin, Stretch Marks
  • Alopecia, it works on all skin types be it light, dark, thick or thin.
The results can be seen right after the first session and the result lasts a long time.

Rafcel Plus: Fractional RF

Rafcel Plus is a unique aesthetic system for invasive and non-invasive fractional Radio Frequency. This treatment technology induces dermal coagulation and collagen to be stimulated precisely for scars and wrinkles as long lasting skin tightening.

Among the indications are for:
  • Skin Lifting and Tightening
  • Wrinkles improvement,
  • Pores improvement,
  • Treatment of Acne scars,
  • Keloids,
  • Photo-aged skin

COFRAX - CO2 Fractional
  • Scars (Acne Scars, Surgical Scars, Burn Scars)
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Photo-Aged Skin
  • Wrinkles (Rhytides): Periorbital and Perioral wrinkles, deep wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening
  • Traditional Application: nervous, pigments, tissue tags, syringoma
Scars left by acne disease, accidents and the effects of surgical procedures are the cases that haunt and cause a lot of embarrassment to many people, also the pores and wrinkles that appear with age become one of the things to be treated and beautified.
“COFRAX” is a Fractional Laser device using a technique called Fractional CO2 represents a great development in addressing these problems, this device, which uses columns microscopic skin therapy improves and strengthen the collagen and increases Elastin.
LAMSSA Clinic uses the technique which is safe with high patient results and shows improvement right after the first session but requires more sessions until one gets the desired results.
COFRAX’s ablative treatment has better performance compared to the traditional CO2 resurfacing because the distinguished fine beam of COFRAX creates finest thermal zone to minimize side effects.
It makes deep micro ablative column s surrounded by undamaged tissues, rather than ablating the entire surface of traditional CO2 laser. This strength induces cell regeneration faster than the usual to reduce downtime.
This technique is safe and is recognized by the Food and Drug Authority the U.S. FDA.

CUREDA is a safe, non-invasive laser pigment remover on epidermal layers using laser of 1927nm wavelength. It is the latest advancement to the original and this new wavelength more effectively targets the superficial skin layers for faster clearance of pigment. It is effective for photo damage, mild to moderate melasma, age spots, cafe-au-lait, and birthmarks.

  • Outstanding water absorption rate: 10 times water absorption rate against the wavelength of Er:Glass, 1550nm.
  • Dramatically improves skin texture & skin tone
  • Much less down-time due to non-ablative treatment
  • Accurate treatment on target lesions only
  • Painless by optimal thermal relaxation time
  • Thinnest Lesion Depth: The best way for toning, texturing, pigmentation in the epidermis