Geni System

Al Lamssa, Jeddah provides the actual cure and repairs all types and problems of hair through the products of Geni System which will be held in the form of the therapeutic sessions and hair care whereas these problems includes:
  • Dry and Oily, dandruff, scurf
  • Hair fallout
  • Brittle and fragile, frail hair
  • Strained and spoiled hair
  • The fats accumulated on the scalp.
Its remedies are multiple and it suits the nature of the hair according to the nature of the problem from which the patients complains, whereas it gives results within few weeks as it works to achieve the following:
  • To achieve the feeding and activation of the scalp.
  • To assist in prolonging and appearance of new hair, particularly at the hairless areas of the head.
  • It returns the health and vitality to the damaged hair.
  • It moistens the dry and the brittle hair whereas it gives it shininess
  • It removes all sediments and fats accumulated at the scalp.
  • It eliminates dandruff finally.