Hair Removal

Hair Removal

We have the best and latest technologies in the world for removal of hair, distinguished with effectiveness, safe and speed, disposing unwanted hair with complete safety and in short sittings without pain, anesthesia or side effect for a long period. These lasers have optimal long pulse and powerful contact cooling system and therefore reduce pain and protect surrounding skin tissues. It has high absorption rate for the melanin tissue, comfortable and short time procedure with outstanding effects. It is not only safe and sound, but also convenient and lasting confirming to international standards.

How to get rid of unwanted body hair?

Olive Diode Hair Removal

Problem of excess hair and the need to get rid of them leads to the development of safe and effective techniques of hair removal which can give longer and satisfactory results unlike the traditional ways of hair removal.

After many years of research and development scientists have now found a new, best and the most effective technique called “DIODE” for hair removal. Our machine “Olive Diode” is not only the best and most effective but is also painless, which means getting best result without pain.

Al-Lamssa JEDDAH is the first Dermatology centre in the GULF to introduce this machine and technique to give BEST and QUALITY services to its customers. Secret of the device lies in the ease and speed of application, it is safe, effective with a unique cooling technology to protect the skin without pain, and hence increases its implicational flexibility making it effective on all hair types.

In Olive Diode Laser of a wavelength of 810 nm is used, which doesn’t only removes hair but removes the hair follicle directly, leading to permanent removal of hair from the body.

This unique design and technology of Olive Diode machine makes sure to protect the skin of the area being treated.

A person need 4 to 10 sessions depending on the quality of the skin, its responses and the thickness of the hair, the time period between two consecutive sessions may vary from 3 to 7 weeks.

This technique is safe and is recognized by the Food and Drug Authority the U.S. FDA.