Hair Treatment

Division of the Hair Transplant
Fifty percentage of men who encounter and challenge the problem of hair fallout while they are within the age of twenty is 5% while 98% of these cases are caused by a genetic allergy and affection of the masculinity hormone

In case of hereditary baldness man hair is divided into two sections.
The temporary or the infected with the allergy of masculine hormone this section occurs at the front part and the middle part of the head which will fall during the passing of time.
The second section is the permanent hair or which is not affected by the allergy of masculine hormone, which is normally at the rear part of the head.
The specialized physician shall transfer the natural and permanent hair form the rear or the side of the head to the area infected with baldness whereas such problem shall be cured by applying the recent scientific method, the experience and art for the sake of repairing the growth of the front hair so that the results may become natural whereas its scene will not look as the hair of the doll. The transplanted hair will grow in a natural way and continuously throughout the whole age. Such operation can be preformed within few hours under the effect of topical anesthesia and without any pain and the patient can resume his natural activity on the next day following the operation.

Hair fallout of Ladies.
One lady out of five will be infected with the acute hair fallout during one period of her age, whereas 70% of these cases are attributed to hereditary reasons but there are some cases of medicines and drugs that leads the acute hair fallout such the disturbance of thyroid glands, anemia, taking of some diseases, puerperium post partum period (after pregnancy), a major operation, diet, regime, strict and severe diet or protein deficiency. The hair fallout of ladies, that is whereas the solution will be defined by the specialist physicians after precise examination. In the cases of hereditary reason mentioned above we will transplant hair to the infected ladies.

Is there any substitute for the operation of the Hair Transplant (the Artificial Hair)?
The artificial hair might be made of synthetic or natural hair but it will not grow and or continue for the whole age, also it costs are higher by each passing year. The methods of fixing this type of hair are many and all of it would lead to mixtures as per the method of fixing the threads implanted onto the scalp which might cause bacteriologic inflammation, the inflammation of the scalp or more hair fallout whereas this technique is prohibited. As for sealant substance these might cause infection by eczema or the allergy sensation of the skin and the falling of more hair.

What will the result be of natural hair?
The matter is related to the experience, the tact and decorum of the surgeon and his assistants ( the recent methods which are applied at Al-Lamssa center in Jeddah, would lead to achieving excellent results) to the extent that makes it impossible to differentiate between the transplanted hair and the natural hair on the head, beard and moustache, whereas the operation will be conducted at an integrated and very advanced section and it will be performed on the same day by means of a local anesthesia without any pain. The transplanted hair will grow naturally in a permanent way after more than two months approximately by means of microscopic transplanting of natural hair roots.

The Hair Transplant Center
Our center is the first one of the centers specialized in the field of hair transplant in the Middle East whereas it depends on the recent technologies and on a work team composed of consultants, physicians who are assisted by administrators, employees, expert nurses. One of the most important basics of our general policies we have undertaken to provide to you an effective service of high quality within the scope of work of unique recent center which has no peer, which sustained with a guaranteed the results of a permanent hair growth with a natural glamour and attractiveness. We have adopted a unique manner which is based on the unique diagnosis and consultation and it depends on the latest state of art and inventions of pervious technologies applied on the transplant of hair which aims to achieve your total satisfaction.
Al-Lamssa is behind the successes achieved and the grace granted by Allah the Almighty and the expertise and the skill acquired by our high standard physicians. The biggest impact in building the bridge of confidence and stimulators for bringing up whatever is latest in the cosmetics world from both the professional and technological aspect.

Al-Lamssa the starting point.
If you choose to have a good looking figure, in such case you shall have to pay one visit to any of our centers in Jeddah or to any one of Al-Lamssa Centers spread out in the world and we will guarantee to you full satisfaction as well as the application International standards in hair transplant therefore you will obtain satisfactory results because you will be subjected to the supervision of a team of elite international physicians as well as the distinct medical care.

The selection of Hair Transplant

How is the transplanting process performed?
The hair implanting process aims at transferring the intact and natural hair roots form the areas of permanent hair at the rear part of the head and its sides to the areas infected by baldness whereas the operation might continue for many hours then the patient can return to practising his work duties on the next day after 23 hours the injected grafts will become an original part of the body and it will be supplied by blood and the surrounding skin will heal. After that the implanted hair will start to grow after three months and its scene will look to be natural. The secret of the success of these operation is basically attributed to the possession of the physician to high technological and technical skill which would enable him to select and perform the implant of the hairs that might absolutely suit with the thickness of the hair and the features of the face so as to make the forefront hair integral to the structural elements of the face such as the nose, eyes, and the hair line.

Hair Session

LAMSSA Clinics in Jeddah provides the actual cure and repairs all types and problems of hair through the products of Geni System which is programmed in the form of the therapeutic sessions and hair care whereas these problems includes:
  • Dry and Oily, dandruff, scurf
  • Hair fallout
  • The fats accumulated on the scalp
Its remedies are multiple and it suits the nature of the hair according to the nature of the problem from which the patients complains, whereas it gives results within few weeks as it works to achieve the following:-
  • To achieve the feeding and activation of the scalp.
  • To assist in prolonging and appearance of new hair, particularly at the hairless areas of the head.
  • It returns the health and vitality to the damaged hair.
  • It moistens the dry and the brittle hair whereas it gives it shininess
  • It removes all sediments and fats accumulated at the scalp.
  • It eliminates dandruff finally.

REVAGE - Laser treatment for Hair problems

Revage is a special Laser device emitting Photon light, which is non-thermal and is absorbed at the cellular level in the scalp, where this light energy is converted into chemical energy which accelerates body tissue’s functioning and leading to improved micro-circulation and strengthening of capillaries which induces the growth of new hair.

Hair Care

Its cosmetic formulation for treating the hair by the Mesotherapy method, whereas it contains effective elements and is composed with a high and non-toxic concentration.

This cosmetic formulation is used for the treatment of the hair problems that are of non-morbid origin, which include, the hair dryness, the oily scalp, the slowness of the hair growth, the acute hair falling out whereas this cosmetic will assist in restoring the vigor and energy of the scalp deeply and consequently it contributes in returning its full energy of the hair and decrease its falling out.

This product is deemed to be an effective oral food supplementary, which is taken for ensuring more care of the hair and it delivers little concentrations that are useful to the hair, the product is composed of a collection of Amino acids, vitamins and zinc.

Qualitative Effects
  • To sustain and protect the hair fibers by virtue of Cysteine and zinc, which are deemed to be the basic elements for Keratin which produces hair fiber
  • To reactivate the hair follicle by the Amino acid which is basic and necessary for metabolism and the cellular reproduction.
  • To induce the growth by a collection of vitamin B this contributes to renew the hair follicles and then mitigates hair falling out.
  • To feed and moisten the scalp by means of the grease acidity which protects the scalp form dryness and appearance of dandruff.