Hair Care Meso

Hair Care
Its cosmetic formulation for treating the hair by the Mesotherapy method, whereas it contains effective elements and is composed with a high and non-toxic concentration.

This cosmetic formulation is used for the treatment of the hair problems that are of non-morbid origin, which include, the hair dryness, the oily scalp, the slowness of the hair growth, the acute hair falling out whereas this cosmetic will assist in restoring the vigor and energy of the scalp deeply and consequently it contributes in returning its full energy of the hair and decrease its falling out.

This product is deemed to be an effective oral food supplementary, which is taken for ensuring more care of the hair and it delivers little concentrations that are useful to the hair, the product is composed of a collection of Amino acids, vitamins and zinc.

Qualitative Effects
  • To sustain and protect the hair fibers by virtue of Cysteine and zinc, which are deemed to be the basic elements for Keratin which produces hair fiber
  • To reactivate the hair follicle by the Amino acid which is basic and necessary for metabolism and the cellular reproduction
  • To induce the growth by a collection of vitamin B this contributes to renew the hair follicles and then mitigates hair falling out.
  • To feed and moisten the scalp by means of the grease acidity which protects the scalp form dryness and appearance of dandruff.