Mesotherapy- Revitacare (The Art of Certified and Refreshed product with GMP)
It is a formulation which is composed of molecules of the pure Hyaluronic Acid which are not linked, which has high viscosity that is in addition to the calibrated vitamins with effective concentration, these linked elements give effective results in restoring the bloom, freshness and tightness of the skin.
  • To maintain the vividness of the skin and delaying the appearance of the shriveling of the skin and wrinkles.
  • To restore the skin health after being exposed to the harmful outer effects and the signs of senility.
  • To treat the dry skin.
The Qualitative Effects
  • To mitigate simple aging of the skin and wrinkles, resulting from the dryness of the skin by means of moistening the superficial layers of the skin.
  • To moisten the skin through the assistance in transporting and storing water effectiveness
  • To support the cellular metabolism of the skin cells
  • The compound operates as an anti oxidation agent which prevents the appearance of the signs of senility
  • The Hyaluronic acid contributes in the extension of the tissues to assist in carrying and delivering the vitamin deeply into the skin.
  • This compound is used as a complementary therapy after injection of the filler substance in case of severe shriveling and wrinkles. Injection of BOTOX is strongly recommended after the peeling session in order to obtain ideal results.
Frequency of Therapy
This formulation is for curing the shriveling and wrinkles on the face, neck, hand and around the eyes and the mouth. The formulation will be injected directly into the superficial and the deep skin layers by hand i.e. manually or by means of the Meso Gun as per the frequency of the weekly curing sessions for a period of one and half month, which will be followed by such session at every month and/or one and half month.

It is a formulation which is scientifically prepared by dependence on Hyaluronic acid, caffeine, manganese, cobalt and zinc and it is used for removal and decomposing fats and the different skin layers.

TheQualitative Effects
  • To contribute into the disjoining and detaching the accumulated fats by means of the Hyaluronic acid which Hydrates the Lipoid cells.
  • To increase the efficiency of fats and decreasing the fats stock through the said chemical elements that increase the activity of enzymes which solve fats
  • To increase the process of circulation and the cellular drainage of the fats which is disintegrated and is decomposed by caffeine.
  • To improve the outer appearance of the skin cells by the moistening Hyaluronic acid.
The Method of Therapy
By means of performing a number of 10-12 sessions during two months by conducting one to two sessions weekly, whereas it will be injected under the skin at a depth of 10-15 millimeters. The Therapeutic dose will be prepared by mixing one bottle of formulation together with a salt solution 9% and 1cm of Anesthetic 2%
This cosmetic formulation is to be used at the areas of the abdomen, the hip, the thigh and buttocks.

Stretch Care
It is a cosmetic formulation which is composed of unique elements of concentration that are effective in curing pregnancy marks and the skin flaccidities so as to make more tenacious and vivid and makes marks less visible and looks in its natural color, the formulation is made of Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Vitamin B5, Zinc and Lead. It is used for tightening and stretching the skin, removing pregnancy marks, it is also injected in the face, abdomen and hands.

The Qualitative Effects
  • To improve the skin quality through the moisturizing effect of the Hyaluronic acids which assists in restoring the skin's flexibility and appearance.
  • The tighten the skin tissues by the effect of DMAE
  • To mitigate the pregnancy marks by means of tightening the collagen fibers in order to mitigate the demonstrations of the marks and restoring the natural skin color
  • To increase the activity of the natural skin defenses by virtue of the said chemical elements and vitamin B5 which contribute in resisting the effect of free radical roots.
The Method of Therapy
  • To cure pregnancy marks, the cosmetic formation can be used directly or after mixing it with anesthetic 1%, the product is to be injected all through marks with a depth 2-5.1 mm with intervals of 5-7 mm.
  • A number of 4-8 sessions with rate of one to two sessions in a week and then the extent of improvement will be evaluated.
  • Tightening the skin: 5.0 cm of the product formulation 5.1+ of salt solution + 1% anesthetic it could be injected in the cheeks, beneath the jaw, both arms, the abdomen, thighs with a depth of 2-5.1mm. It is prescribed to conduct 3 - 4 sessions at the rate of one session weekly.
Hair Care
Its cosmetic formulation for treating the hair by the Mesotherapy method, whereas it contains effective elements and is composed with a high and non-toxic concentration. This cosmetic formulation is used for the treatment of the hair problems that are of non-morbid origin, which include, the hair dryness, the oily scalp, the slowness of the hair growth, the acute hair falling out whereas this cosmetic will assist in restoring the vigor and energy of the scalp deeply and consequently it contributes in returning its full energy of the hair and decrease its falling out.
This product is deemed to be an effective oral food supplementary, which is taken for ensuring more care of the hair and it delivers little concentrations that are useful to the hair, the product is composed of a collection of Amino acids, vitamins and zinc.

Qualitative Effects
  • To sustain and protect the hair fibers by virtue of Cysteine and zinc, which are deemed to be the basic elements for Keratin which produces hair fiber
  • To reactivate the hair follicle by the Amino acid which is basic and necessary for metabolism and the cellular reproduction.
  • To induce the growth by a collection of vitamin B this contributes to renew the hair follicles and then mitigates hair falling out.
  • To feed and moisten the scalp by means of the grease acidity which protects the scalp form dryness and appearance of dandruff.
The Method of Therapy
The cosmetic formulation will be injected alone or it could be mixed with 2% of anesthetic toxin, the scalp must all be injected by an angle of 60 degrees in a depth of 2mm with intervals of 1-2 cm, whereas you can conduct two sessions per week for a period of one month then it will be followed by conducting one session monthly until the required improvement is realized. The cure, remedy and treatment can be repeated for more than one time based on the cause of hair falling out.

Cyto Care
It is the recent type Mesotherapy, which contains vitamins and it will be deeply injected into the skin to give it bloom and freshness and miniaturization, its use leads to maintaining the tightness of the skin and it returns its youth, this product is composed of different concentration as per the condition of the skin and seeking of medical advice; the indicators (532, 516, 40). This technique is risk free with absolutely no side effects.

Medical advices and Indicators
  • Freshness and moistening of the skin
  • Remedy of fatigue effects under the eyes
  • Freshness and beauty of lips
  • Neck line
  • Plumpness and fleshiness of hands and fingers
Bio Revitalization
It is a type of the Mesotherapy which contains vitamins that renews the skin cells and it gives the skin health, freshness and feeding, it is used for injecting, the face, the neck and chest.