Cellu Care

It incorporates three major components: hyaluronic acid, caffeine and micronutrients. Through the use of hyaluronic acid which hydrolizes the cell membranes, trapping the adiposities in clusters blamed for the appearance of nodes of fat. Tissues are thus decongested. Formulated with lipid burning ingredient, cellu care stimulates the reduction of fats and converts them into a source of energy. Caffeine boots the microcirculation, thereby contributing to the elimination of broken down fatty acids. The moisturizing property of hyaluronic acid gives a softer and smoother aspect to the skin. The micro nutrients thus further strengthen the skin.
The scientifically worked out Cellu care formula delivers results and may be seen with the naked eye at various stages.

TheQualitative Effects
  • To contribute into the disjoining and detaching the accumulated fats by means of the Hyaluronic acid which Hydrates the Lipoid cells.
  • To increase the efficiency of fats and decreasing the fats stock through the said chemical elements that increase the activity of enzymes which solve fats
  • To increase the process of circulation and the cellular drainage of the fats which is disintegrated and is decomposed by caffeine.
  • To improve the outer appearance of the skin cells by the moistening Hyaluronic acid.