Stretch Care

It is a cosmetic formulation which is composed of unique elements of concentration that are effective in curing pregnancy marks and the skin flaccidities so as to make more tenacious and vivid and makes marks less visible and looks in its natural color, the formulation is made of Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Vitamin B5, Zinc and Lead. It is used for tightening and stretching the skin, removing pregnancy marks, it is also injected in the face, abdomen and hands.

The Qualitative Effects
  • To improve the skin quality through the moisturizing effect of the Hyaluronic acids which assists in restoring the skin's flexibility and appearance.
  • The tighten the skin tissues by the effect of DMAE
  • To mitigate the pregnancy marks by means of tightening the collagen fibers in order to mitigate the demonstrations of the marks and restoring the natural skin color
  • To increase the activity of the natural skin defenses by virtue of the said chemical elements and vitamin B5 which contribute in resisting the effect of free radical roots.