Crystal Peel

Dimond peel

Crystal peeling technique and Diamond Peel

It is the latest cosmetic treatments; it peels of the surface layers of the skin by injecting microscopic particles and crystal deep against the surface of the skin which is mechanically safe and painless

This process removes the damaged layers debris of dead cells at the top of the skin, which gives a healthy appearance and softness to the skin, as well as it stimulates the production of new cells to restore the vitality and freshness of the skin

All of this is associated with the activation of blood circulation in the region, which increases the cellular nutrition and helps to get rid of all skin problems

The Benefits are:
  • Helps in removing pigmentation of the skin and freckles, especially surface
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging
  • Helps to minimize pores
  • Removes different types of scars
  • Increases the effectiveness of creams used in skin treatments as it improves skin absorption
It is recommended to use it before the Mesotherapy or Photodynamic therapy to achieve a superficial cleaning of accumulated fat and oily skin.

It helps to moisturize dry skin especially by using a mask or creams immediately after the session. The results are often noticeable from the first session, but it is best to conduct follow-up sessions within week or two to achieve the best results. 5-10 sessions are needed to treated and achieve final results, while a session takes about 15 minutes.

Crystal or Diamond peeling is a safe, effective treatment, free of any side effects and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones, the patient does not complain of problems, itching or pain during or after the session, he or she can perform the treatment at any time of his/her convenience

The Diamond Peel gives superficial peeling similar to The Crystal peeling but does not use Crystal Powder, while it uses the grip made by cut diamonds with the skin surface and removes layers of dead skin cells.

Advantage of Diamond Peeling is, that it does not leave residue after the Peeling, such as crystal molecules or other. A MASK is used after the session to moisturize the skin.

There are no side effects and patient can exercise normal life immediately after the session.