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Blue peel

Blue peeling

The solution for the problems of your skin A pale skin? Non-shining appearance of skin? Color defect flaw and blemish. When the skin is exposed for harm it loses its brightness and beauty day by day and by passing of time the mirror always reflects us tan unpleasant look when time comes to take necessary action. Nowadays we can remedy the harms which infect our skin whereas dermatologist have started to refer more and more to performing the chemical peeling of the skin aiming to restore a skin similar to babies skin in the quickest time possible. The chemical peeling principle is based on applying the substance on the skin surface in order to induce the skin to peel at different degrees.

Advantages of the Different Peeling formulation and cosmetics
There are many types of peeling cosmetics which vary as per the different chemical molecule used in the same and its concentration. Those cosmetic affect the superficial skin layer only so it does reach to the skin depth As regards the medium peeling it only reaches to the internal medium layer of the skin or it maybe go deep until it reaches to the skin depth, but provided that these cosmetics shall not be used except by specialist or dermatologist.

The peeling by phenol is deemed to be the strongest absolutely in its effect whereas it has big capabilities for penetration into the skin, but only few physicians use it because of the hazard of burnings caused such peeling, whereas such method of peeling which is used on a locally anesthetized skin would lead to finally removing the colored spots and stains.

The glycolic acid is a chemical particle which is used in the superficial peeling cosmetics with different concentrations that range between (20%, 35%, 50% and 70%) as per the nature of the treated skin. This particle is featured by its capability of excellent penetration. Into the skin, out of the features of this type of peeling is its quickness in the invisibility process of peeling of the skin. Then the redness will disappear quickly and therefore there will be no need for using anesthesia, but it does not affect on the deep shriveling or wrinkles and the apparent spots.

As for the Trichloroacetic acid TCA, it will penetrate into the skin to a deeper depth by glycolytic enzymes and gives wondrous results and clear effect. The peeling by this acid will be used with different quantities as per the type of the skin the problems which the skin is suffering.

All the above mentioned types of peeling even that types which penetrate into the skin depth and does not cause any hazard of poisoning.

Results of Peeling
On the first stage: if the process of peeling is conducted with the correct method by specialists on the skin care whereas this will lead to the improvement of the outer skin the skin will become smoother and more brighter, its pores will then be closed, the thinner lines will disappear and diminish together with the traces of the signs of pimples blisters and blub.
On the second stage: The peeling will increase the moisturizing of the skin by the induction of the collagen and the elastine of the skin.

When can we prescribe peeling
Unfortunately senility is an evitable stage such as the evaporation of water which forms 90% of the human body at the time of birth Whereas water only compose 70% of the body at the age of 75 years Internationally the occupational age of a mannequin does not exceed 35 whereas the appearance of senility is prohibited, and waiting for the invention of the magic formulation we must follow a logical thinking method and correct basics, the factors such as pollution, sun rays, smoking and the way of living, the irregular nutrition and the excessive use of medicine, all these matters cause harm and are deemed to be the strongest ally for the free roots, also there are internal factors such as hormones, diseases inflammation, etc. All would contribute to cause the skin flaccidity, the brown stains, freckles, coloration of the skin, shriveling of the skin, wrinkles and the skin sensitivity. One of the most important cures of the skin senility which might result from exposure to the sun rays is blue peel. The peeling cosmetics are used for correcting the different harms therefore the skin must be examined precisely in order to identify the extent of the harm in order to define the suitable one for correcting the harm.

What distinguishes the Blue peel than the normal peel cosmetics by TCA?
The peeling by TCA is commonly used for correcting and remedy of many problems of the skin, but the use of the normal TCA which is a transparent cosmetic which is invisible we normally omit and do not pay attention to some parts of the skin because of using the liquid with a heterogeneous method. We can avoid this type of mistake with Blue Peel by means of the blue composition which operates as a guide which aims to define the depth of the penetration of this acid on chemical basics by virtue of the blue color base or primer which facilitates the process of putting TCA and avoids the omission of treatment of certain parts of the skin.

When to describe Blue Peel?
With use of Blue peel we can cure a wide and various group of skin diseases which include:
  • Loss of the skin flexibility which result from shriveling and wrinkles
  • The excessive skin coloration
  • Scars and marks
  • The Dark color stains and smudges
  • The flaccidity resulting from sun rays
  • The wide pores
  • The blue peel is used with a concentration TCA 15% for the people whose skin is dry or tender for treatment of the back and/or the hands.
  • Blue peel is used with a concentrated TCA 20% for the people whose skin is thick.
  • The blue peel radiance is used for people who suffer from the light superficial tinctures.
  • The blue peel is a program for the gradual correction, which aims to reaching to the maximum limit of improvement with the least minimum side effects, may be the skin needs for conducting of two or three peeling operations by use of the blue peel for achieving the best results within a period of 7-8 weeks up to a period of 2 years.

Is it necessary to prepare the skin before the use of Blue Peel?
It is possible to conduct peeling by use of the normal TCA with or without any advanced preparation for peeling while we dermatologists prefer the treatment for a period of 6 weeks before using the blue peel by means of using Obagi cosmetics, It is very important to control the redness of the skin or the pimples and blister which start to appear before conducting the peeling process, whereas you must use cosmetics that depend on the Tretinoin, hydroquinone with Phytic acid or the alpha Hydroxy acid by putting the same two times daily whereas you must use these cosmetics daily in order to avoid the return back of the acne or the coloration of the skin after the inflammation.

How to conduct the session of using the Blue peel?
Before starting the application of blue peel, you must clean the skin in a good way from fats and lipoids by means of alcohol or Acetone. The peel cosmetic must be mixed before use so that it may not lose its effectiveness then the solution shall be used on all the face and eyes. The changes noticeable on the skin would show us the degree of the penetration of the blue peel. Normally, all people for whom blue peel is used do endure it in a good way; a fan shall be used for cooling the skin and giving the patient a feeling of comfort.

What is the period of Recovery and healing?
The period of recovery differs from one person to another as per the depth of peeling, but generally the skin recovers its health quickly within two or three days when the peeling stops at the superficial layer, that is whereas in the event the peeling reaches to the medium layer of the skin in this case, the recovery period may require 4-6 days that is whereas, the recovery in the event of peeling up to the deep layer may require 7-8 days.

Stimulating Peel
It is a type of chemical peeling of the skin which assist in inducing and activating the skin cells. Also it removes the stains and smudges, traces and marks; also it assists in mitigating the light lines, shriveling from the skin. This cosmetic is used for removing tinctures that occur after infection by inflammations on certain areas of the skin. This cosmetic is composed of a group of compounds with studied proportions and percentages of fruit acids, salilerc, TCA and mild acid. The stimulation peeling process will be conducted at the clinic under supervision of the treating physician and it does require the patient to take a long rest period at home.

Diamond Peel
This device perform a fine emery to the skin whereas it removes the dead superficial cells from the skin through diamond foils and lamina in order to make it of soft touch bright and free from black heads. It can be used during weekly intervals for achieving quicker results whereas it remove the superficial tinctures and the soft wrinkles closes the enlarged skin pores, improves the skin cracks through induction of collagen production. This device system contains many heads of various sizes as per the areas of use also we can use many pullers and tugs as per the degree of the desired depth and the peeling.
The diamond peel is deemed to be safe for all types of skin whereas it is not painful and does not need the use of anesthesia before the session and it does not prevent the patient to practice her normal daily activities. It is preferable to use a grasping moisturizer and tranquilizer immediately after the session besides the observance of the sun protector, In order to maintain the satisfactory results it is necessary to follow up the performance of sessions on time at each one or two months,

It is the latest cosmetic treatments; it peels of the surface layers of the skin by injecting microscopic particles and crystal deep against the surface of the skin which is mechanically safe and painless This process removes the damaged layers debris of dead cells at the top of the skin, which gives a healthy appearance and softness to the skin, as well as it stimulates the production of new cells to restore the vitality and freshness of the skin.
All of this is associated with the activation of blood circulation in the region, which increases the cellular nutrition and helps to get rid of all skin problems:

Blue peel
The Benefits are:
  • Helps in removing pigmentation of the skin and freckles, especially surface
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging
  • Helps to minimize pores
  • Removes different types of scars
  • Increases the effectiveness of creams used in skin treatments as it improves skin absorption
It is recommended to use it before the Mesotherapy or Photodynamic therapy to achieve a superficial cleaning of accumulated fat and oily skin.

It helps to moisturize dry skin especially by using a mask or creams immediately after the session. The results are often noticeable from the first session, but it is best to conduct follow-up sessions within week or two to achieve the best results. 5-10 sessions are needed to treated and achieve final results, while a session takes about 15 minutes.

Crystal peeling is a safe, effective treatment, free of any side effects and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones, the patient does not complain of problems, itching or pain during or after the session, he or she can perform the treatment at any time of his/her convenience.

There are no side effects and patient can exercise normal life immediately after the session.