Blue Peel Radiance

Superficial Peel improves the condition of the skin without requiring the patient to stay at home. Peels such as Obagi Radiance Peel contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid. This peeling helps restore the skin's radiance as it stimulates the cells to produce Fundamental substances. It must be repeated several times for results to be visible on the skin. Superficial peels and topical cream regimens complement each other.

Medium Depth peels with TCA or BLUE PEEL; this peel acts at a deeper level on the superficial dermis. The skin peels off with 5 to 7 days and results in firmer and less wrinkled skin. It is recommended for skin that has been exposed to the sum for long period (photo damaged skin) or patients with a lot of skin discoloration. The skin must be prepared 15 days prior to the peeling and sun exposure should be avoided in the month following the peeling. By our experts the results are outstanding.