Photo Dynamic Theraphy (PDT)

People of all age segments may suffer from skin problems like excessive secretion, large pores, and acne. Especially in our part of the world. LAMSSA is the first dermatology centre in Saudi Arabia to introduce a process called “PHOTO DYNAMIC THERAPY” to cater such issues and problems.

PDT is an intensive light source of high spectral purity. It provides uniform or “HOT SPOT” free illumination. The output is pre-tuned to one wavelength with a narrow spectral bandwidth. It gives outstanding results for treatment of superficial, benign vascular and pigmented lesions. Among other application in PHOTOBIOLOGY that require high spectral purity at particular wavelengths.

The technology used by PDT is unique and exclusive of its kind, this device exposes the skin to a beam of colorful UV rays to reduce oily secretion and REMOVE SIGNS OF AGING, ACNE and ROSCEA FACE. Which are generally non responsive to the traditional or conventional medications.

It is the best way to treat problems like ALOPECIA and VITILIGO.
In this technique the targeted area subjected to various colorful rays,

Amino Levulinic -5 Acid
(ALA) is applied to the skin which is absorbed by the skin within an hour, killing the PRUPIONAI BACTERIUM, the one causing acne and it also induces cells to make new skin layers.

This treatment is very safe.
Simple redness occurs followed by light peeling for 3 days and the results are outstanding.
This technique is safe and is recognized by the Food and Drug Authority –U.S.A.

Is there any side effects from PDT?
This technology is deemed to be a safe one and it was approved by the American (FDA) in 2003 for remedying and curing Acne immediately after the session redness occurs to be followed by a light peeling for three days.

How many sessions are required for the Remedy?
Patient need one session per month which should be repeated when needed.