Stem Cells

Stem Cells
What is stem cells?

Non-specialized cells can turn to the quality of specialized cells and can have the ability to produce tissues to provide the body with new cells for strengthening and restoration if fabric in which they exist.

Stem cells at the level of the skin, icreases the production of skin cells to new and active sleeper cells thus increasing the production of collagen and elastin, which helps the fullness of the skin, refine it and make it a more youthful and fresh. It also prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth and speeds up healing of burns and scar.

Fat of an adult human is the basic source and can be obtained easily and without any complications, which contains fatty tissue with high proportion of stem cells, which are obtained by suctin. Appropriate amount of fat from the patient's body- from around the knee or abdomen is extracted and stem cell is then separated from it, using centrifuge.

Preocessed cells are then injected inj the area of treatment. Stem cells increases the growth of arteries and veins and helps survival and growth of transplanted tissue.

Advantages of the Stem Cells to the Skin
  • To cure the skin senility and to return its vigor, energy and brightness
  • To cure enlarged pores
  • To cure the marks and scars resulting the acne
  • To expedite and hasten cure of wound and trauma and bruise
Advantages of the Stem Cells to the hair and hands
  • To cure the hair falling out and to strengthen the same
  • To activate the hair roots
  • To give the hands vigor, fullness in appearance and attractive shape
Chances of Side Effects???
  • There will never be any side effects after the session
  • There will no anti indications whereas the cells are of the same body.