Weight Management

Body Shaping/Body Contouring?
LAMSSA Clinic offers the best techniques.

Excess of body fat is not just a problem but can also be the reason of embarrassment to people of every age group and sex.
The previously used method was LIPOSUCTION, but with the modern development and the emergence of the need in order to find use the devices and methods which do not require Surgery and are equally effective and more safe led to the development of these new devices and techniques to help patients address this problem.

LIPO CRYO is the latest and advanced technique of reducing fat without any surgical process, the principle or the technique LIPO CRYO works on is cooling the FATTY TISSUES under the skin and then breaking it down very finely and then the normal cavitation process follows to dispose of the fat resulting in a fat free, smooth, tight and slim structure. Another advantage of this machine is that the entire process is painless.
This device helps in getting graceful and speedy results, gives you soft skin, and reduces the measures of the area, in which the device is used, by and up to 2-3 inches per session.
Not recommended for pregnant ladies, people suffering from excess fat or sagging body, as well as people suffering from dermatitis or those having wounds in the area to be treated.
This technique is safe and is recognized by the Food and Drug Authority the U.S. FDA.

Med-Sculpt Body contouring system represents the latest advancement in computerized, non-invasive, Body contouring technology, combining Mechanical circulation and Ultrasound technology.
The device works on a system that urges and melts the excess fat in buttocks, arms, abdomen and other parts of the body, through massage. Infinite precision conjugated with the impact of the ultrasonic waves breaks down and reduces fat cells under the skin which affects the fibers and Elastin in the body.
Med-Sculpt work directly targeting the compacted layer of cells through a comforting mechanical massage and stimulating lymphatic circulation and allowing re-absorption of the fluid.

This technique is good for:
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Tissue Toning
  • Detoxification process
  • Localized fat and tissue relaxation
  • Lymphatic drainage.
Med-Sculpt offer the client a toned, smoother and healthier tissue, while reshaping the entire treated body section.

Ion Magnum Magnum
LAMSSA Clinic is the first dermatology centre in Saudi Arabia to introduce this machine called “ION MAGNUM”.This machine is for restoring natural beauty, it is a cutting edge anti-aging technology for high speed rejuvenation, body shaping and dynamic muscle building.Multi frequency waveform targets the motor neurons resulting in rhythmical muscle contraction. Patients receiving Ion Magnum treatment often notice that their face glows and looks younger.

This device is good for:
  • Lift and remove the age implications for the face and neck
  • To lose baby fat or extra weight gained through pregnancy
  • Stretch marks, skin toning, Cellulite reduction.
  • Treatment of sports injuries and muscular dystrophy
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism and rids the body of fat and toxins accumulated
  • To increase bio-energy to increase the flow of oxygen to the treated area
This device is not recommended for people with heart disease, with cancer or epilepsy, loss of sensation of the skin, and pregnant ladies also not recommended using on ladies after six months of caesarean delivery and after 3 months of a natural delivery.

It is also recommended to use two weeks after the injection of Botox or collagen to keep the skin tight for a longer duration.