Lipo Cryo

LIPO CRYO is the latest and advanced technique of reducing fat without any surgical process, the principle or the technique LIPO CRYO works on is cooling the FATTY TISSUES under the skin and then breaking it down very finely and then the normal cavitation process follows to dispose of the fat resulting in a fat free, smooth, tight and slim structure. Another advantage of this machine is that the entire process is painless.

This device helps in getting graceful and speedy results, gives you soft skin, and reduces the measures of the area, in which the device is used, by and up to 2-3 inches per session.

Not recommended for pregnant ladies, people suffering from excess fat or sagging body, as well as people suffering from dermatitis or those having wounds in the area to be treated.
This technique is safe and is recognized by the Food and Drug Authority the U.S. FDA.